Speciallamps-service in the second generation

For over 30 years special lighting gear is being sent from the Feldmann company  to all over the world!
1977 the start of the company was set. Senior-CEO Burghard Feldmann took 1st of October 1977 the step into the autonomy - the birthday of the "Burghard Feldmann Company".

Burghard Feldmann managed all business himself until his son Michael Feldmann joined the company on 1st of April 1995.

On 21st of December 1999 the company "Firma Burghard Feldmann" was renamed into "Feldmann Speziallampen-Vertriebs GmbH" .
The new CEO is now Michael Feldmann. The "Junior-CEO" has lead the company to the top of the league of the leading Manufacturers of Speciallamps in Germany.

Today Feldmann Speziallampen-Vertriebs GmbH offers a wide range of Speciallamps and Appropriations for TV/Studio, Photo, Projection, Labs and Beamer-Sparparts over decorative and useful shines, through to normal lighting gear.

The first and prior goal of the Feldmann-Team is still the same - already in the second generation - the satisfaction of our customers.

To make the grade the Feldmann Speziallampen-Vertriebs GmbH moved in the meantime. Since March 2009 the new company-location is Mammendorf near Munich. Larger offices and more than 400 square meters for the Warehouse assure an even broader offer, a better availability of the goods  and most of all faster service!

                            Your Feldmann-Speziallampen Team



Feldmann Speziallampen-Vertriebs GmbH
Ahornstrasse 18
D-82291 Mammendorf / München
Tel.: +49 (0) 8145 / 99 575 - 0
Fax: +49 (0) 8145 / 99 575 - 57
info at feldmann-speziallampen dot de
Internet: www.feldmann-speziallampen.de

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