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Since the 24th of November 2005 exists a legal obligation for producers of electrical and electronical equipment to get registered (§3 Abs.11 und Abs. 12 Satz 2 ElektroG) before dealing with their products (§6 Abs. 2 und 3 ElektroG). Producers who did not get registered or whose registration has been cancelled are not allowed to dispose their products. The producer also has to get every single brand of his equipment types registered.

"Lighting gear" is one type of electronic equipment which needs to be registered:
  • Discharge lamps, e.g. Beamerlamps and fluorescent tubes (Exception: incandescent lamps and halide lamps)
  • Lamps (Exception: Lamps used in households)

According to this law (ElektroG) products of not registered producers are not allowed to be sold anymore. The person who buys products from non-registered producers in order to resell them is according to this law considered a producer himself and can be – in case of not being registered – fined with up to 50 000 Euro.

Therefore anyone should - in his own interest – check the registration at the EAR of all his suppliers. Anyone should also let all suppliers confirm that they only deliver products which are in accordance with the existing law (ElektroG).

Your Feldmann-Speziallampen-Vertriebs GmbH-Team is a registered producer for all of our sold products.

Our WEEE-Reg.-Number is DE55117914.

More information about this matter: http://www.stiftung-ear.de/.

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